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Mi canal

credits : mundo negro by javier sánchez salcedo | Lanla/aïda colmenero dïaz, teatros canal, madrid 

The technique Germaine Acogny  |  La liberté dans la discipline.  Freedom in the discipline

Technique Germaine Acogny is a modern African dance technique. It is created by Germaine ACOGNY, 'the mother of modern African dance'. This technique is the only codified and acknowledged contemporary dance technique created in Africa. It is based on traditional African dances (especially from Senegal and Benin) and Western dance techniques.

While dancing the technique Acogny you feel the strength of multiple worlds combined. Rythm, repetition and grounding, the work of the spine, the length, lines and alignment of the body. The basis of this technique is the attention given to your spine. It respects any differences in body structure.


The technique is about life, about the connection between being human and nature.
The philosophy of this technique is based on unity. While dancing you are part of both the community and nature. You are fully aware of your own body.

You live life to the full through the virtuosity of movement and consciousness.

The concepts and movements are innovative and original. It is a unique way of approaching dance.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         text copyright @lanlamove

Participants in Nature during The March
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